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Kardia Trauma Research, Training & Therapy Institute is committed in providing quality & evidence based training.
All training is developed for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for professionals in the field, working with traumatized children.


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  • Child Abuse Awareness Program -  FACT (Developed by Dr. Louise Aucamp to  equip teachers and all PROFESSIONALS working with children to facilitate the process of a disclosure of Child Abuse or Child Sexual Abuse) – Licence of the Program for the Western Cape supported by Agriforum – Helpende Hand.

  • Trauma Assessment & Therapy Intervention (For Professionals ONLY)

  • Assessing Trauma

  • Trauma: Impact on Children and Attachment  

  • Bullying, Humiliation and Trauma - healing for the victim and bully.

  • The Impact of Trauma on the developmental brain (for Professionals only)

Support Group

"To be truly free, you have to be aware of who you truly are"

 - Nitin Nandeo

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