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About Dr. Antoinette Beukes

Dr. Antoinette Beukes, has been one of the leading Traumatologists in the country, with over a decade of experience ranging from listed below, to name a few.

Kardia Trauma research, Training & Therapy Institute was born out of the passion & need for sharing knowledge in the Traumatology field.


Specialising in the following areas:

  • EMDR Child & Adult Practitioner

  • Traumatology:  Complex Trauma, Sexual Abuse & Occult Ritual Abuse & Trauma

  • Socio-Emotional Assessments (Children/Adolescents/Adults)

  • Investigations into the allegations of Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse

  • Forensic Interviewing & Facilitation (Disclosure of Sexual Abuse)

  • Protocol: Children’s Act 35 of 2015 (Development & Training)

  • Report writing and Testifying in Court

  • Research in Traumatology

  • Trauma & Crisis Intervention

  • Trauma Counselling & Therapy for Adults and Children

  • Bereavement for Adults and Children

  • Structured Play Therapy

  • Attachment Therapy

  • Parental Guidance

  • Training -     Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Program

  • The Impact of Trauma on the Young Child

  • Parental Guidance for Parents – Sexual Development

  • Kingdom Parenting (A Biblical Perspective on Parenting)

Antoinette is passionate about providing a safe environment & guide her patients through the healing process.


About Kardia

Kardia was born out of Dr. Antoinette Beukes's  passion not only in the assistance in healing of Trauma but the sharing of knowledge in the Psychology industry, with a massive emphasis on research & facts based theories.

  • PhD – November 2012

  • MA (Psych) Counc (Trauma)  - 2009

  • M.SW - (in process) - 2022

  • BA (Psych) Counc - 2007

  • Dipl.C – 2006

  • Cert. EMDR

  • Cert. EMDR Children

  • Cert. Child Assessment (Cognitive Screening & Socio-Emotional Development)

  • Cert. Adolescent Assessment

  • Cert. Assessment of Attachment

  • Cert. Interactional Analysis (Placement/Court Purposes)

  • Cert. Forensic Interviewing & Facilitation (Sexual Abuse)

  • ​Cert. Structured Play Therapy

  • Cert. Attachment Therapy

  • Cert. Parental Guidance

  • Cert. Sand Tray Therapy

  • Cert. Occult Ritual Abuse & Trauma (Level3)

  • Cert. Rape & Sexual Trauma

  • Cert. Alcohol & Substance Abuse

  • Cert. Child Attachment and Child Trauma & Dissociation:  Assessment & Therapy

  • Cert. Business Management

Throwing Caps



  • Traumatology

  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

  • DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Sexual Abuse & Trauma

  • Attachment Disorder

  • Assessments

  • Court work & report writing

  • Training other professionals

  • Writing and presentation of programmes



Council for Counsellors in SA

Psychological Society of Psychology in SA

EMDRIA – EMDR International Association

Humanitarian Assistance Programme

FACT Network

Caring Child

"Change is inevitable, Growing is a choice"

Antoinette Beukes

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